About Us

Company Profile

Founded in 1989, Aleric International, Inc. is an Information Technology consulting company offering expert software consulting, training and development solutions to clients worldwide. Our mission is to help customers better achieve their business objectives through the judicious use of Information Technology.

We specialize in the development of web applications and their integration with mainframe systems. Our services are centered on the latest best-of-breed web technologies and products such as Java, J2EE and WebSphere, and leverages our extensive experience in mainframe application development. Our consultants are uniquely qualified to fully exploit these technologies and directly contribute to our clients’ success.

Our Customers
Major corporations and government organizations have made Aleric a vital technology partner because of our understanding of their application areas, high degree of technical expertise and unsurpassed level of performance. Our customers cover many industries and include:

JP Morgan Chase
ICF Consulting
The World Bank
National Computer Systems
NRU Cooperative Finance Corporation
US Department of Education

Languages Supported
English French Malagasy


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